Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Still busy

Sorry for the lack of posts recently guys, was hoping on doing a a review of a few of the honeycomb tablets out but I have been busy with my new temporary job I mentioned.
So I get to sit on my back side for about 8 hours a day re-tagging blinds(Venetians and roman blinds) with new safety stickers and labels, putting two and two together when comparing the old tags with the new ones I'd assume some children have been killed by strangulation from the cords which is very sad and of course we be a huge crapstorm for business.
Oh and $20 p/h isn't to bad for this mind-numbing-ly boring work considering haha


  1. 20$ an hour, I say that's pretty good.
    (; I mean, I only say that because I'm surely not going to go out and find the cure to cancer so my life seems to be aimed at 15~30$ IF I can even get those.

    Great job though.
    I hope you do get to keep up posts though.

  2. I hate boring work, it makes time go sooo slowly. At least you're getting paid decently, though.