Friday, 10 June 2011

Coredroid 6.8

Get excited haha :p
Coredroid HD v6.8 was released last night for the DHD/Inspire, HD2, Incredible S and Desire S
As you can see not as many changes in the new release but still excited none the less.
Sergio (Coredroid dev) has chosen once again to use Leedroid's kernel after bouncing between Lee's and Mdeejay's for the past couple of releases so lets see how it goes

CoreDroid Desire HD GingerBread 2.3.3 v6.8(09/06/11)

  • Some minor issues fixed
  • Updated to latest Lee kernel
  • Faster data connection
  • Few tweaks overall
  • And minor changes in skin


  1. I keep reading your page and realising how much I want an android!

  2. sounds like fun to play with xD

  3. I actually want an android now...

  4. This update sounds pretty good.
    Good post