Friday, 17 June 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II

So I finally got to get my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S II when my friend bought one.

I had already done a small review on it in a previous post when I was comparing it withe the new HTC Sensation and Motorola Atrix. I stated it came in second for me out of the new dual-core flagship phones.
It was good to finally play around with it but once again it had me coming to the same conclusion that it is very iPhone-esque e.g. the shape and feel plus the app drawer is side scrolling (iOS) instead of the usual vertical scroll.

I enjoyed that it was running very smoothly with most things that I threw at it multitasking, games and a movie... but so does my Desire HD. Although I have still not been won over by Touchwiz 4.0 even in the 'flesh' .
I do like the feeling of how slim it is although the AMOLED screen did not do much for me.

HTC fan boy still here to stay, bring on the Sensation


  1. nice they look so good, ive been looking for a new phone

  2. They look nice..
    but HTC is still number 1. haha...

  3. I'm thinking about buying one of the new dual-core phones, I don't think it will be this one though. Also great blog + followed.