Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Sweet, just finished my unit enrollments for next semester.
Now I have had to defer this past semester for a mixture of circumstances and I must say I am surprisingly happy to return. As it will give some direction in my life again.
Don't get me wrong the break was good to earn some extra money but I had been tempted to find some online courses, just to keep my intellect  slightly challenged haha.
I am studying Biomedical Science at the moment so had thought about just doing a science course e.g. intro to physics just because it isn't directly in my field and because I haven't done any physics in a while.
Depending on how short it is a might even do it during the mid-semester break.
Whats your thoughts guys? anybody participate in any online courses lately?


  1. Well I think that enterprise courses might be helpful in applying for job

  2. You don't learn quite as much from online courses because you miss all the lectures...

  3. eck i hate school xD but im almost done =D

  4. Physics may be a difficult transition without having done it in a while, im going to university this year to study it and it is a pain remembering all the definitions for words and learning all the equations like the back of your hand! good luck with your choice!

  5. I'm about to transfer to a university pretty soon and i hope all goes well.

  6. I don't really have a good relationship with universities, started Biology but never finished because of several real life problems, I am going to pick it up again sooner or later though.