Friday, 17 June 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II

So I finally got to get my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S II when my friend bought one.

I had already done a small review on it in a previous post when I was comparing it withe the new HTC Sensation and Motorola Atrix. I stated it came in second for me out of the new dual-core flagship phones.
It was good to finally play around with it but once again it had me coming to the same conclusion that it is very iPhone-esque e.g. the shape and feel plus the app drawer is side scrolling (iOS) instead of the usual vertical scroll.

I enjoyed that it was running very smoothly with most things that I threw at it multitasking, games and a movie... but so does my Desire HD. Although I have still not been won over by Touchwiz 4.0 even in the 'flesh' .
I do like the feeling of how slim it is although the AMOLED screen did not do much for me.

HTC fan boy still here to stay, bring on the Sensation

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Still busy

Sorry for the lack of posts recently guys, was hoping on doing a a review of a few of the honeycomb tablets out but I have been busy with my new temporary job I mentioned.
So I get to sit on my back side for about 8 hours a day re-tagging blinds(Venetians and roman blinds) with new safety stickers and labels, putting two and two together when comparing the old tags with the new ones I'd assume some children have been killed by strangulation from the cords which is very sad and of course we be a huge crapstorm for business.
Oh and $20 p/h isn't to bad for this mind-numbing-ly boring work considering haha

Friday, 10 June 2011

Coredroid 6.8

Get excited haha :p
Coredroid HD v6.8 was released last night for the DHD/Inspire, HD2, Incredible S and Desire S
As you can see not as many changes in the new release but still excited none the less.
Sergio (Coredroid dev) has chosen once again to use Leedroid's kernel after bouncing between Lee's and Mdeejay's for the past couple of releases so lets see how it goes

CoreDroid Desire HD GingerBread 2.3.3 v6.8(09/06/11)

  • Some minor issues fixed
  • Updated to latest Lee kernel
  • Faster data connection
  • Few tweaks overall
  • And minor changes in skin

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Chrome Apps

Definitely slow to catch on here, but I have finally started browsing the Google Chrome Web store for apps. I had only used it in the past for chrome themes, but that was just from searching Google.
I had spotted it a couple of times when opening a new tab, but never thought to check it out.
Well I took the plunge and I'm really impressed.

Of course I installed angry birds straight away haha which was fun but I still prefer it on my phone. Then I tried Canvas Rider. This took me down nostalgia lane when I used to play Line Rider with my mates during computing class and we would see who could get there rider to do the most back flips haha :p.
Anyway Canvas Rider has the same concept but when you click the app, it brings you to a page with list of pre-designed tracks and I have found some really cool tracks.

If anyone is using chrome apps and extensions, let me know which one is your favourite

Monday, 6 June 2011

Busy busy

Well haven't made an update in the past couple of days because I have been full on with my volleyball state champs tournament in which our team did terribly thanks to 2 of our mates rocking up hungover after a huge night. I think we ended up only winning 1 game and drawing another out of 6 games.
Felt like I played quite a bit better than what I have recently so I was happy and got a couple of votes for MVP to show for it.

Also might have a temporary job coming up for stocktaking work, so that should be fun :p

Friday, 3 June 2011

Coredroid HD 6.7 Release

So I'm jumping the gun here a little but I am pretty excited to see a new release from the Coredroid team but it feels like its been a while since 6.6. I haven't flashed it yet but its currently downloading and as you can tell I'm excited. I know I'm little late to catch on because it was released a few days ago.

Oh and some great news, the Coredroid Team have expanded with devices, the new additions are the Desire S and the Incredible S, whilst still including the HTC HD2, Inspire 4G and of course Desire HD

All the info can be found over at Coredroid Roms Site and xda Coredroid HD thread but I thought I would share a couple of things here.


CoreDroid Desire HD GingerBread 2.3.3 v6.7(31/05/11)

  • Adjusted and Changed Some Graphics
  • Mdeejay's Kernel
  • Updated Drivers & a few things (from a newer 2.3.3 htc GB build)
  • A few Adjustments on xmls
  • Added a few Adjustments On Camera
  • Activated sharp enhacements on Camera
  • Adjusted a few apks from Sense 3
  • Updated Rom Manager
  • Updated Titanium Backup
  • Huge Improvements on: Battery, performance & battery
  • Fixed some minor issues
  • And a lot more


Looks great :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Sweet, just finished my unit enrollments for next semester.
Now I have had to defer this past semester for a mixture of circumstances and I must say I am surprisingly happy to return. As it will give some direction in my life again.
Don't get me wrong the break was good to earn some extra money but I had been tempted to find some online courses, just to keep my intellect  slightly challenged haha.
I am studying Biomedical Science at the moment so had thought about just doing a science course e.g. intro to physics just because it isn't directly in my field and because I haven't done any physics in a while.
Depending on how short it is a might even do it during the mid-semester break.
Whats your thoughts guys? anybody participate in any online courses lately?