Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Where to start...

First of all I have found the xda developers community in the past couple of months to be an absolute Godsend when it came to everything to do with my android device - HTC Desire HD... and more.
There comes a price to pay with this godsend though. Have to search through this endless supply of brilliant information to get you from a stock device to a device running so many customized features that provide endless fun, tailor your device to represent who you are and on the slight occasion give you a headache ;)

I started off doing some research on xda after a couple of Google searches, along the lines of 'what can I do with my Desire HD', and discovered the world of custom Roms or firmware.

I had the goal of a custom ROM, but didn't know how to get there and quite a few hours of searching and I was set.
The main thing that I had to do was give myself information to ensure that I either would ruin (A.K.A 'Bricking') my new DHD or that there would be a very minimal risk.
I then found a few guides on several different aspects of the processes required to get to my goal of 'flashing' my custom ROM.

More to the point the research was the annoying part because there were not really a guide that targeted the 'noobish' end user on the ways to accomplish this but know I have noticed a few popping up in the past and In my opinion I think I have found the best one thus far:

LINKSLOVESANDROIDS' Everything Desire HD Index

To be continued...

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